Bankimport helps you to stay informed about all your bank accounts and helps you to fully automatize processing of incoming and outgoing money.

Use cases

You can complete these things amazingly simpler and faster than now.

Stay always up to date.

Track your financials over several accounts from different banks without constantly switching between your online banking websites.

Automatic notification via email, sms or API.

Let us inform you automatically about new transactions - filterted by amount or purpose. Hourly, weekly or whenever you need it.

Process incoming money automatically.

Use our interfaces to third party applications (like invoicing solutions) or create your own connection from your internal system to process incoming and outgoing money.

Quickly find important transactions.

Quickly search and track transactions even from previous years. They are always available - not just a couple of months like with your traditional online banking.

Simplify how you process chargebacks.

Automate your process in case of cash losses (e.g. chargebacks, reminders etc).

Optimize your companys workflow.

Forward information regarding specific transactions directly to the responsible person at your company (e.g. direct payments for online purchase to your fulfillment department).


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€ 1 per month1

Our startet package for private persons or small businesses with up to 2 banking accounts.

  • Connect via via HBCI & MBC/IP
  • Max. 2 banking accounts
  • Notifications by email
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€ 9 per month

Use our API for up to 5 banking accounts and 500 transactions per month.

  • Connect via HBCI, EBICS, MBC/IP
  • Max. 5 banking accounts incl. PayPal
  • Notifications by email & phone
  • Email support
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€ 29 per month

The business solution for medium sized companies.

  • Connect via HBCI, EBICS, MBC/IP
  • Unlimited banking accounts incl. PayPal
  • Notifications by email & phone
  • Email and phone support
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All prices incl. 19% german VAT (where applies)     1 Only yearly payments

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