Which kind of APIs do you offer?
You can use our Push API to let us notify your system whenever a new transaction was imported. Or you can use our simple REST-API to search for imported transactions by yourself. You can find more information in our API documentation.
What banks are supported?
We are currently still in beta mode. As of today we support german banks which offer an HBCI interface (using PIN/TAN verification). You probably have to activate HBCI with your bank, but in general the Deutsche Bank, Sparkassen, Ing/Diba, Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken are supported. Additionally we import transactions from PayPal. Soon we will support the european EBICS interface, which will work with every bank.
How safe is bankimport.com?
It's very safe. First off: We only have reading access to your data. That said, in the unlikely event that anybody gathers access to your account, he can only read information, but not transfer any money out. Of course we secure our system by the current standards (e.g. your banking access information are stored encrypted with AES-256 CBC, your password is a salted SHA512-Bcrypt Hash).